Our Green Policy and environmental responsibility!


This policy outlines the measures that our company is taking to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainability. We are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner and reducing our carbon footprint.

Energy Efficiency:

We will strive to use energy-efficient equipment, and reduce our energy consumption. We will also switch off all lights and unplug all electrical devices when not in use.

Water Conservation:

We will minimize water usage by using water-saving techniques during any cleaning process and fixing any leaks as soon as possible. We will also ensure that our equipment is well-maintained to minimize water wastage.

Chemical Usage:

We will use environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning solutions that are safe for both our customers and the environment. We will also avoid using toxic chemicals that can harm the environment or human health.


We will properly dispose of all waste and recycle as much as possible, including paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal. We will also encourage our customers to recycle.


We will encourage carpooling and the use of low-emission vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint. We will also avoid using vehicles for short trips and use alternative forms of transportation such as bicycles or walking.


We will educate our employees, customers, and suppliers about our green policy and encourage them to support our efforts to reduce our environmental impact.


365 Services is committed to promoting sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. By implementing these green policies and practices, we hope to play a small but important role in creating a more sustainable future.